An Online Marketer Meets A Normal Person

Online Marketer Meets Normal Person

I often have the feeling that normal people (you know, those who do not spend hours and hours behind the screens of their computers) think that those of us who make a living online is, well … different.

For example, here is a composite of the type of conversation I have in a normal, everyday meeting of normal people:

Normal Person: “So, what do you do to live?”

Me: “I own and operate an online business.”

Normal Person: “Really! What exactly do you do online?”

At this point, the normal person is showing a genuine interest in learning more about my business. But when I try to answer your question about “exactly” what I do, that’s when the fun begins REALLY.

Me: “I operate a website that helps people earn income from home.”

I know this really does not answer your question because your REAL interest comes in your next query:

Normal Person: “So, how EXACTLY do you make money doing that?”

Now, for those of you who work online, you KNOW how difficult it can be to explain it to someone who has absolutely no knowledge of how Internet marketing works. And if you have had a drink or two, well … forget it.

But I try.

Me: “I publish a newsletter and review various products and resources that help people earn income from home.” In my newsletter I inform people about the huge number of “work at home” scams that exist and I keep them Informed about the best products Opportunities and resources available to help you create a home-based income I present a wide variety of items and as I own and use them myself, I can recommend them as high-quality products. about the items that I sell because I’m an affiliate of the companies that own them. ”

If you market online yourself, you know what follows.

The educated smile

Or the blank look.

But most of the time, they feel compelled to respond, although by now they have already lost them. Completely.

Normal Person: “What did you do before starting this online business?”


Have you ever had a “real” job? If so, let’s talk about that because it’s something I can understand. If not, I’ll have to apologize and go have another drink because I have no idea here and I do not want to admit it.

Me: “Oh, you mean I had a regular job from nine to five? One of those that meant fighting horrible traffic five days a week, putting up with tough bosses and cranky co-workers, and not being able to. Take some time. free when I wanted or needed? Yes, I had one of those once. ”

Suddenly, the normal person begins to understand that, after all, you are not so different. Expression of knowledge creeps down his face. Then they ask their final question:

“Do you happen to have a business card?”