Using the Internet to Freelance

Internet to Freelance

Here we present the first of a series of articles by Robert Anthony, author of a wonderful new book, Freelancing: Using the Internet to find a job and be hired.

The book presents a fantastic overview of how to divide yourself into various fields in independent work. It also explains the role of high technology in independent work today and offers reviews of 30 of the best independent Internet sites.

The world is becoming digital.

The Internet is part of our daily lives, and the ability to transmit virtual megabytes of information and data (ie, writing work) simultaneously around the world at a very low cost has a great implication in your future as a writer.

As a Star Trek transporter, time and distance are no longer an important factor in a world that is intertwined and united in virtual reality.

This revolution (or is it an evolution?) In commerce it gives you enormous opportunities to communicate at low cost with those who need your editorial services, with little or no importance of geographical separation.

Some of my best writing contracts these days are, in fact, with people and companies that are far, completely across the country.

On any given day, I can complete an educational writing assignment for my largest client in New York, New York, followed by another for a marketing client in Alameda, California.

The work I do for Fred Damsen is a typical example. I love working with wood. That is when I’m not writing. Fred, who is the owner and operator of The Japan Woodworker in Alameda, California, and The Japan Woodworker Fine Catalog of Tools, hired me to write and develop their marketing and public relations materials and writing projects for the media. As his freelance writer, located almost 2,500 miles away, the work I do for Fred is delivered to him online via email and email attachment.

“I use an online writer because it would be difficult to find someone local who is a marketing specialist and a good writer who knows the woodworking team,” says Fred.

“Online I was able to find a marketing and writing specialist to help me develop my marketing and public relations material for my specialized tools in carpentry, and the fact that I am in the middle of the country does not make any difference, because he gives me his He prepares press releases for me to send them to carpentry publishers across the country and writes marketing material for me, when we have to include the photo in our releases, we simply send attachments from one place to another. therefore, online we can achieve as much or more than we could “.

Kristen Keets, an independent writer from Michigan, also works for a client in California. “That’s almost 3,000 miles away,” she says. “We never met, but it has become one of my most constant clients.” Kristen initiated a relationship with the client of her website via email and has facilitated her working relationship completely by email and online. Kristen’s rates for online contract work are $ 65 to $ 150 per hour, depending on the nature of the job you are completing. Even so, its rate is significantly lower than what your client could get locally in California.

If you plan to write professionally in the future, expect to work online from the comfort of your own keyboard. Life online is great, is not it?

Internet Applications

So, why would a writing client be willing to hire your work online? Because there is a serious shortage of good quality writers these days, that’s why.

And, believe it or not, the demand for independent, independent or contract writing services will not be reduced, but may even increase significantly as a result of a bad economy.

It is an independent phenomenon (because freelancers are phenomenal!). Even in a soft market, online writing demands remain high.

A recent report by McKinsey Quarterly entitled The War for Talent confirmed that even in a restricted market, US companies need precariously freelance talent.

Many companies, which have already been forced to reduce payrolls and employee ranks, are already hiring independent professionals to complete the work of online projects. reports that the annual earnings of these online freelancers vary from $ 42,000 to $ 77,000. Get connected and start sending cyber queries for writing jobs, because there will be many on the Web in the coming months and years. If you do not have a computer, get one.

A New Work Order

It is a new world of work with a completely new organizational structure. Regular jobs are increasingly becoming project work and the outsourcing and hiring of freelance writers and freelancers are becoming a major business practice.

Certainly so in the writing game, and that is an opportunity that is virtually coming from your monitor. Today’s careers are becoming online professions paid for by work.

Online vocations are being driven by the growing need to hire independent people and there is an infinite line of buyers from around the world waiting to hire their services.

Ninety percent of all companies seeking a contract job in 2002 will do so online. Low cost and speed are its main reasons.

As a writer, you will want to become familiar with these new organizational models and acquire the necessary tools needed to maintain your competitive and creative advantage in this virtual New World Work Order.

If you have not already done so, working online can be an exciting, exciting and well-paid experience. You can visit and write for people and institutions around the world and deliver your hard work with just clicking with the mouse.

By using high-speed Internet connectivity, you can find writing work and significantly reduce the time you spend looking for it.

You can spend more time doing what you like most, that is, writing, without leaving your home or even making a phone call.