These companies will employ 15 lakh youth in next two years

employ 15 lakhThe Food and Beverage Industry is going to set up a thousand plants across the country including Noida-Ghaziabad in the coming two years.

It will be invested directly to 6 thousand crores. It plans to provide employment to 1.5 million people directly and indirectly.

That will not only make the state but also that dream of the Prime Minister. Under this, to make maximum employment available to the youth of the country under Make in India.

It was started by the Future Choice Group. Group CMD Piyush Kumar Dwivedi said that the total turnover of food and beverage industry in the country is 40 thousand crore rupees.

In this, 30% of the demand every year increases. Surprisingly, the demand of 50 percent of branded water is maintained all the time.

He informed that as many plants are being run in the state and the country. It’s all micro units. On which six crore rupees are being invested.

Poverty eradication requires 10 percent growth rate for three decades

India has to be a part of the global economy, because today the youth is leading the world. We need to facilitate business, which has come to be identified.

To remove millions of people from poverty, the country needs to achieve a growth rate of about 10 percent for the next three decades.

This country can not contribute better than the entrepreneurs in the work of interest. All entrepreneurs need to rhyme steps.

With this objective, MD of Technomat composite Pvt Ltd, located at Sector-83 in Phase-II, is running the Rajesh Jain Factory.

Provided employment to women at their own rate

Noida’s EXMart International Company, however, is not interested in identification. It has a big name in Handy Croft.

The company does not own business itself, but is working to eradicate poverty. Company’s MD Rajesh Kumar Jain told that his business can not operate very little without the people of the sub-division.

The more they get the wages, the NCR can not be sustained. These artisans had to make Raw Material available only to them. The women of 400 villages of Saharanpur, Moradabad, Meerut are connected to the business.