Parliamentary committee will investigate these cases, Donald Trump said it harassed the President

President Donald TrumpWashington, Agency – A parliamentary committee in the US has announced a comprehensive investigation into alleged financial interference in President Donald Trump’s financial affairs and 2016 presidential elections.

Robert Muller, the US Special Counsel for Russia case, is already investigating. Their investigation is in the final stages. In the American media, the chairman of the Parliament’s intelligence affairs committee, Adam Shief, has said, “This investigation will help us to test any credible allegation whether a decision of a President or a person in the administration is of financial interest or any other benefit Motivated by motivation.

These accused will be investigated
After the first meeting of the committee, Adam Schiff said that this investigation was also linked to serious allegations made by either Russian or Saudi or any other.

Under investigation, allegations of allegations against Russia and Trump’s propaganda team will also be investigated with Russia’s intervention in presidential elections.

It will also be examined whether any foreigner tried to take advantage of any kind of trump, his family, his business or his colleagues?

Trump tells investigating harassment of the president
Trump responded with a strong reaction to the announcement of the investigation. He criticized the Democrat, saying that he has no basis to do so.

Trump termed the investigation as a torture of the President and said it was unfortunate. Trump has already rejected allegations of rigging with Russia.