National Enquirer is threatening to make Private Pictures public: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos amd Lauren Sánchez nredAmerican Tabloid National Enquirer disclosed the relationships of Jeff Bezos and former TV anchors

Personal photos and messages of Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were also made public Bezos says – I would like private photos not be public, but blackmailing is wrong.

Washington – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has blamed blackmail and harassment on National Enquirer Tabloid. Bezos says that the lawyer of the National Enquirer has threatened to publicize pornography pictures of Mary and former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. Magazine’s counsel has threatened me by sending an e-mail to my lawyer.

National Enquirer remained under pressure to lie: Bezos

Bezos says that he is investigating how National Enquirer got private messages and photos of him and Sanchez. Magazine publishers want me to stop the investigation.

Bezos said in a blog post Thursday that the publisher AMI of the National Enquirer wants that I publicly say that there was no political motive behind the coverage of relationships with my divorce and sanchez. The coverage of AMI was described by Bezos Security Chief as politically motivated in the past.

National Enquirer Tabloid had revealed last month that there is a relationship with Bezos’s former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. That is why he is getting divorced from wife. Bezos had announced divorce last week with wife Mackenzie.

The Enquirer said that in 4 months, his team tracked Bezos in 5 states for a distance of 40,000 miles. Tabloid also claimed to have evidence that Bezos took Sanchez to several cities in his private jet of Rs 455 crore. Magazine also published photos of Bezos and Sanchez dating.

Magazine also claimed that in the last few months Bezos sent many objectionable photos and messages to Sanchez. Tabloid said that he will bring all the photos to viewers in the 11-page report.

Private photos are not published, blackmailing is wrong: Bezos

Bezos has accused AMI of misuse of journalism privileges. Bezos says that he does not want his personal photos to be published.

But, they will not be involved in AMI’s blackmailing, political favoritism, and corruption. Bezos said that I would like to fight against it. Then see what happens.