Jet Airways grounded 4 aircraft, could not pay the lease amount

Jet Airways amountJet Airways, facing a financial crisis, has grounded 4 aircraft. This means that their operation has been stopped. Jet leased these aircraft.

They had to be grounded due to non-payment of lease amount. The airline gave this information on Thursday.

Keeping in mind the convenience of passengers: Jet Airways

The airline said that from the firms which are taking the aircraft lease, the information is being given from time to time about what efforts are being made to deal with the cash crisis.

Jet Airways says it is trying every possible way that the passengers are least inconvenienced. Due to cancellation of flights due to cancellation of the passenger, they are being given timely information and they are being given second flight.

Jet told that the three aircraft that were grounded for maintenance of the engine last month has been started. Jet Airways currently has 124 aircraft.

Jet defaulted in loan payment in December

Because of the cash crisis, on December 31, Jet Airways had failed to install bank loans. By the end of March, he has to pay about Rs 1,700 crore. Jet lost 3,656 crores in three quarters.

10,900 crores loan on Jet Airways

To discuss and solve financial difficulties, Jet Airways has convened a meeting of shareholders on February 21. The debt burden on the airline has increased to Rs 10,900 crore.