Healthy and mental health keeps on eating fruits and vegetables: Scientists claim

Healthy and mental healthIt is absolutely right that eating fruits and vegetables can benefit our body. A recent study shows that it may also lead to psychological well-being.

Research showed a positive association between the quantity of fruits and vegetables and the self-report of people, which saw a positive connection between mental health.

Benefits 8 days is equal to Walk
In particular, the findings show that in the day the fruits and vegetables eat more, if one part of it eats extra, it benefits your brain as much as you can with 8 days walking in the month.

Expert opinion
The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, in which Peter Holly says, “It is well established that eating fruits and vegetables can benefit physiological health. Recently, new studies suggested Is that it can also benefit psychological well-being ”

Satisfied Life of Mental Health
Holly explains, “Our research has verified this relationship by using a very large sample on past works in Australia and New Zealand. The results are obvious: those who eat more fruits and vegetables, they eat less Compared to high levels of mental health and satisfaction lives.

Good Eating habits
According to the researchers, encouraging better diet habits can not only be beneficial for long-term physical health, but it can also improve mental health in the short term.